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Sinel Ltd.

Sinel, company for industrial automation, service and trade, Limited

Rudarska 3 p.p. 101
52220 Labin, Croatia

OIB: 05584747711
MB: 0273341

Phone: +385 (0) 52 884 000
Fax: +385 (0) 52 884 019

Repair, remount and retrofitting

Out team of experts is specialized in the repair, remount and retrofitting of all types of conventional and CNC machine tools (lathes, milling machines, machining centers, band saws, grinders, press brakes, presses, punchers, et alia).
Repair, remount and retrofittingOver the years of intensive use of machine tools, their parts tend to wear-out, resulting in less accuracy and reliability in the production process, and in more delays and errors on the final product, all of which contribute to increasing production costs.
Machine tools retrofitting and repairing carries many benefits to their owners. It reduces spoilage, shortens the production cycles and limits the costs, while increasing productivity. By means of performing the retrofitting and rebuilding on older machine tools, our experts can make such machine tools reach technological performance of a brand new machine.
A thorough remount of the machine tool includes:
  • Grinding linear guides of the machine
  • Replacing bearings, gearbox transmissions parts, disc and belt, thread spindle, nut and drive
  • Performing the detailed laser geometry of the machine
  • Replacing the hydraulic parts
  • Replacing the system for pulse lubrication
  • Installation or replacement of CNC control, along with programming and parameterization (mostly mounting numerical control from the following manufacturers: Siemens, Fanuc and Heidenhain)
  • Installation of the tool exchanger
  • Installation or replacement of the measuring system (digital read outs, rotary encoders and linear measuring system) by either Heidenhain or Siemens
  • Replacing of electrical wiring with the end switches and micro switches
  • Wiring and installation of electrical cabinets
  • Programming and parameterization of PLC's
  • Optimization of the motors and drives
  • Testing and work control
  • Writing down a full documentation on the work and positions built
All operations are carried out promptly by replacing only the parts needing to be replaced, in accordance with the previous agreement with the customer. Repair and retrofitting of the machines is either carried out in production halls close to our company site or at any other location requested by the customer. We prefer locations enabling us to reduce working, transport and customs costs.

Beside retrofitting, remount and rebilding we provide all kinds of services and upgrades of electronic and mechanical equipment on the machines as well as the partial repair of the machine. We are able to perform complex modifications to machine tools, in line with our customers' requirements. We offer installation and PLC programming of the machine, the complete tool changer system, palette changer system, rotary tables with one or more axis, turret heads, etc.

There is a warranty period covering any work done or machine delivered, servicing and maintenance of your machine tools.
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